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Gear Up

I’m also a supporter of  responsible motorcycle riding, rider education, training, right attitude, and the right riding gear.

Some of the gear I use

  • Cortech Accelerator Series 2 Gloves
  • Spidi T-Winter Gloves
  • Tour Master Solution Water Proof Boots
  • AeroStich Roadcrafter one peice riding suit
  • Icon Field Armour Stryker Vest
  • Shoei X-11 – a great helmet

If you would like to read about riding gear and testimonials, check out Brittany Morrow’s site at

2007 GSXR 750

I love my 750. A lot of fun. It has a Bazzaz fuel management system, Bazzaz Z-AFM, K&N air filter, Galifer rotors, Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires, Akropovic slip-on, and the short ASV levers.

2001 Yamaha Banshee

I bought the Banshee from a friend in 2002. I wanted something to do for fun besides fly rc planes. Some of the things I like about it are, it rides good, it’s comfortable, and it sounds good.

Yes, it’s Fast…
Tall tales from the trails. Some of the statements and excuses I have heard over the years are:
“There isn’t any way that thing beat my bike!”
His brother was riding his at first, and after three more races, he was a believer too.
“Mine will do one hundred miles per hour”
“Let’s race again”
“I’m not racing on the pavement, I don’t want to get beat that bad”
“I will make up for it in skill”
“I wish my four hundred pulled like that”
And the best one…
“I put regular gas in mine, it’s not running right”

 My Banshee Story



The Beginning

This is my cafe racer project. It is a 1979 GS1000. Its going to need a lot of work as you can see.


2005 CRF450X

I intend to add blinkers and mirrors and register it for the street. Won the race with the Banshee in the end. Both run very close until about fourth gear, the 450 starts to pull on the Banshee.