My Yamaha Banshee 350

Yamaha Banshee 350When I bought the Banshee I was still living with my parents at the time and decided not to tell them in anticipation that they wouldn't like the idea. I rented a storage unit to keep it in and had to buy a lock at the front office. I told them to keep the change because they didn't have it on hand. Then about a week later I received a credit in the mail at my parent’s house.

Then the questions came…

"Why do you have a storage unit?" They asked.

I said, "I bought a fourwheeler."

Trying to be supportive.

My Dad said, "Oh, what is it? Is it a two stroke or a four stroke?"

I answered, "It's a two stroke."

Dad asked, "Well, what size is it?"

I said, "It's a 350."

Dad said, "Oh my gosh!"

Then my Mom said, "What!?"

Dad said, "Joyce, it's a rocket!"

I have always thought that was a funny story. It has been a good fourwheeler, and a lot of fun.

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